De estar al borde de la muerte por su anorexia a campeona del fitness

Nicola King, de 24 años, se ha convertido en todo un referente en su recuperación de la anorexia. Tras conocer el fisioculturismo ha dado un impresionante cambio en tan solo 18 meses y se ha proclamado campeona de levantamiento de pesas en una prestigiosa competición. La joven llegó a estar al borde de la muerte.

Today really is madness and I've just spent 2 hours with the BBC at my house being filmed and interviewed . As much as it's all so positive I have struggled and am getting overwhelmed trying to get back to people , especially girls struggling and needing help … I'm doing what I can but hope everyone can respect the fact I still have my own demons and struggles and I'm trying to take it one thing at a time After a bit of a wobbly this morning ❤ Having some time out with my mum and food prepping lol I'm a couple of weeks away from another comp so have that to keep on track with too! Will be on BBC one south news at 6.30 tonight and I really encourage u to watcht , parents too as my mum says some words also ❤ So after a brain draining day and surreal amount of support online I'm switching off for a short while and focusing on the moment I felt my life had finally changed ?? here it is …

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A los 16 años empezó contando las calorías que tomaba y llegó a estar seis semanas sin comer ni beber agua. Las consecuencias de esta terrible enfermedad no tardaron en llegar: se le empezó a caer el pelo, comenzó a tener dolores constantes y se le retiró el periodo.

Los doctores comunicaron a sus padres que los órganos vitales de su hija estaban dejando de funcionar. Sin embargo, logró recuperarse tras seis meses de lucha en el hospital.

After a difficult morning I had some escape time in the gym then came out to see these pictures posted .. a few sneak peeks from the weekend photo shoot ??❤ absolutely surreal experience and even more surreal seeing the snaps .. I can't even register that it's me , quite indescribable. Thankyou Scott King and Jo Prosser for understanding my nerves but being amazing direction and two people wth hearts of gold , and to Louise Mckevitt for being by my side the whole way and even holding up the light reflector ?? The last few days , although so positive has brought up a lot of the past and has also been a emotional and difficult time for the family . They are the reason I am here today and I won't ever forget that. People have been hounding me and the phone won't stop but I really hope that everyone can respect the fact that for today I won't be with my phone much and need to take time to focus on my struggles and to dedicate some time to my family who have also been affected by the publicity of the achievement ❤ I hope people can understand this and appreciate I'm not ignoring or avoiding , I'm doing what needs to be done for my own sake and those close to me ❤ enjoy the sneak peek snaps in the meantime !!! And lastly … pick yourselves up a daily mirror newspaper today where My story and pictures are printed ????❤

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Nicola comenzó a ir al gimnasio y conoció el fisioculturismo que cambió su manera de ver la vida. En tan sólo 18 meses cambió su cuerpo radicalmente y paso de estar en los huesos a tener un cuerpo escultural y hace dos semanas se ha coronado campeona del campeonato Pure Elite de Reino Unido en la categoría a «la mejor transformación».

Midweek motivation ❤ I've always been a strong believer to never Focus on the past but being up all night I've realised for me I have to occasionally look back , to remind myself of how far I've come and how far away I now am from that place and person I used to be . Last week I had a couple of days that have probably been the hardest so far on prep, life and yesterday was a real struggle mentally .my anxiety took over , I was exhausted , and shut myself away, I've lost friends due to competing but with the support I do have I push through it. Yes it's demanding and people don't understand it , but when I'm training I'm free , I'm happy , I know it's what I want to do . So as hard as it is , you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot and I know the people that stick with me through the struggles and lows will be the ones I carry through to the highs ❤ I've had people doubt me and even make comments that I'm not strong enough , I'm too slim , don't I need to look this way or that way. Even last night I had to sit and receive abuse and negativity on social media and it terrified me to post again. it knocks me down because I have self doubt everyday but that's when u put your head up, heart strong and make sure you use those doubts to push that extra mile to make it happen . Their are days I feel I'm not ready for stage but will I ever think I am ?! Some one close to me recently said to me " we see our flaws and multiply them, yet we forget to see the beauty within" this was powerful for me and it's so true ❤ We are all beautiful in our own unique ways. I don't post these pictures for sympathy or for attention, it's purely to show that everyone behind their smiles has a story , don't judge people, be kind and for those people struggling , let this be a reminder that however heavy and dark life gets … hold on , pain ends ????❤ smile and believe that you can have a good life and have the right to go for your dreams ⭐️⭐️❤❤ I've had an incredible amount of support from people I've only known in the last few weeks , that's just another reason why I fall in love with the fitness and industry everyday! ????

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